For the times you feel anxious, sad, depressed, upset, any of those feelings and more.


For the times you feel anxious, sad, depressed, upset, any of those feelings and more.

Bedford Consulting Rooms, 4 Goldington Road, Bedford, MK40 3NF

Tel: 07397 216045    Email: janelinwall@gmail.com

My name is Jane and I have been counselling, with Rape Crisis, for 6 years.

I can offer help with stress, depression, eating disorders or relationship issues. Work related stress and mental health. I specialize in CSA and rape

Getting help is the first step and possibly the hardest.

As a counsellor I offer you unconditional positive regard, genuineness, acceptance and caring. This simply means I can give you a safe place where I listen and it's about you. We work together.



I have worked with clients of varying ages and each person is unique, each one important, but I believe we can all achieve our full potential. Counselling is a process that we enter into, a journey.

When to start counselling is a very personal thing and only the person who has been affected will know.

This is what my clients tell me after counselling:

They are not different but feel more able to cope, to be that person they want to be



Counselling Room in Bedford

Jane Wall - Counsellor

Bedford Consulting Rooms



I would like to share some thoughts my clients have had -

"I didn'nt think this would work, but it has. Thank you so much"


"I wouldn't, couldn't say these things to anyone else and now I've told you I feel so much lighter"


"I thought if I told someone they wouldn't believe me and judge me."


"If I walked down the street I felt like 'abused' was written on my forehead."


"I had no idea I felt like that, about me, I am getting to know me now. It's not been easy but it makes sense."


"I'm ashamed of what happened to me, I feel like I should have stopped it."

(adult talking about abuse in childhood)

"For a long time I managed to box it away but now I keep thinking about it."

(older person suffering historical abuse)


"I felt like it was my fault, but now I can see it wasn't me but it was them." 

(childhood sexual abuse client)




Person Centered Counsellor - Jane Wall - whenURreadycounselling


Person centred rape and abuse counselling

Change and therapy

Counselling with empathy

Listening therapy - Jane Wall

Some info:

If you would like to meet me please make contact via the contact page, phone, text or however you feel comfortable doing so.

My hourly rates are as follows. I session £35.00 or 6 sessions for the cost of 5 as a short term option which we can review at the end to decide if you would like to continue a little longer. long term sessions are open ended so you can stop at any time and we will review often. 

Students in training reduced rate. Please enquire. 

We can discuss your requirements and adjust as required.

Payment should be made in advance and cancellations will be charged.

I am a fully insured counsellor and MBACP registered

You can also find me here:

www.counselling- directory.org.uk/



Facebook: whenURreadycounselling

Jane Wall - Person centred counsellor